3D Imaging

Patient Testimonials

  • “The care I received from the moment I walked in the office was second to none. Their professionalism and customer service was top notch!”
    — Betty P. Jacksonville, FL
  • “Dr. O'Brien and his staff were awesome! They really did a great job. ”
    — Mark P. Orange Park, FL
  • “They actually called me the day after my procedure to ask how I was doing. You don't get that kind of service anywhere else. ”
    — James L, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
  • “I went to the Southpoint office for a consult about dental implants. Dr. Hartley’s manner is so pleasant. From start to finish, I was told what to expect, and all of my questions were answered.”
    — Monica T., Jacksonville, FL
  • “Dr. O’Brien’s office is so calming, and so tasteful, you almost forget that you’re at the oral surgeon’s. He is both friendly and business-like, and likes to say thank you for coming in as you are leaving.”
    — John G., Orange Park, FL

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3D Imaging

The Latest 3D Imaging Technology to Ensure You Receive the Best Care Possible

The Doctors at North Florida Oral & Facial Surgery are committed to providing patients with the best care possible. As part of this commitment, we have recently added the CS 9300 system to our practice and want to tell you more about what you can expect during future appointments. 


By producing incredibly detailed, crystal-clear 3D images, the CS 9300 digital radiography system offers our team powerful insights into specific dental regions of interest. This capability is essential for a wide range of patient diagnostics that, in turn, help us devise your treatment plans and answer any questions you have about your care and treatment options.

Because the CS 9300 system allows technicians to target a precise area for exposure, our patients are exposed to significantly less radiation when they need an x-ray. The system combines speed, image quality and precision placement to dramatically reduce the occasional need for retakes.

By using less radiation than conventional CT scans, the CS 9300 system better helps us adhere to the ALARA Principle
– or, “As Low As Reasonably Achievable.” We take every precaution to minimize patient exposure to radiation when obtaining the necessary diagnostic images needed for treatment planning.

See the CS 9300 in action during your next visit!

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