Patient Testimonials

“The care I received from the moment I walked in the office was second to none. Their professionalism and customer service was top notch!” — Betty P. Jacksonville, FL

“Dr. O'Brien and his staff were awesome! They really did a great job. ”— Mark P. Orange Park, FL

“They actually called me the day after my procedure to ask how I was doing. You don't get that kind of service anywhere else. ”— James L, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

“I went to the Southpoint office for a consult about dental implants. Dr. Hartley’s manner is so pleasant. From start to finish, I was told what to expect, and all of my questions were answered.”— Monica T., Jacksonville, FL

“Dr. Groshan and his staff are very professional, and you can tell that they care about their patients’ comfort. I had been very nervous about having my wisdom teeth removed, but Dr. Groshan put me to sleep and it was over before I knew it. ”— Elsa C., Jacksonville, FL

“Dr. Woods was recommended by a friend, and I was extremely impressed with him, the office setting, and his entire staff. Overall, a very good experience and I have since recommended Dr. Woods to two of my friends. — Cynthia R., St. Johns, FL

“Dr. O’Brien’s office is so calming, and so tasteful, you almost forget that you’re at the oral surgeon’s. He is both friendly and business-like, and likes to say thank you for coming in as you are leaving.”— John G., Orange Park, FL

“My family dentist sent me to Dr. Sklenicka for my wisdom teeth. He is low-key, and puts you at ease. You feel a connection with him and know that he really cares about his patients’ health."— David A., Jacksonville, FL

“In all of my 86 years I have never had a doctor to call on me personally, you are exceptionally kind and thoughtful."— Marion S., Jacksonville, FL

“Thank you guys so, so, so much!!! I had an easy surgery and a great recovery. You guys were patient with me on my billing. I am really blessed that you guys took care of all my needs. I have been letting all my friends know about the great office you guys have so that they can come and experience it as well. Thank you again."  – G. Rodriguez